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comparison of KX-TVA and KX-TVS systems   comparison of KX-TVA50 and KX-TVS200



What follows is advance information on two new Panasonic Voice Processors, the KX-TVA50 and KX-TVA200, that we plan to begin selling in late June, 2005. These two expandable models will replace the present five models in the KX-TVS series.
  • The KX-TVA50 is initially equipped for two ports, and can expand to six.
  • The KX-TVA200 is initially equipped for four ports and can expand to 24.

The number of ports is usually the most important specification of a voice processor. It indicates the number of simultaneous conversations that can be handled: callers from the outside, as well as people within your business or home who are checking or leaving messages. 

  • If you want your system to provide automated attendant service as well as voice mail, you probably will need more ports than if it provides voice mail only.
  • If you want a "full-time" auto attendant that answers all calls immediately, you will need more ports than if the auto attendant is a "back-up," and most calls are answered by people.
  • If you want your voice processor to detect incoming faxes, or to deliver messages to outside phones, those features require ports to be available, too.
  • When someone is changing a recording in a menu, greeting, announcement or mailbox, a port will be in use.
  • If you are using a phone to make a program change in the voice processor, such as changing the name on a mailbox, a port will be in use.
  • You will probably use voice processing more than you expect, so pick a system that has growth capacity. We don't know of anyone who regretted getting a bigger system than they thought they needed, but many people have regretted buying a system that was too small.

AbleComm is usually the first American dealer to provide information on new Panasonic phone products. Material on this page comes from a variety of Panasonic sources, in several countries; and we caution you that some specs and features shown below may change when the products are finally released in the US. Certain features may not be available in the first product release. We will make corrections and publish additional information as we learn more.

E-Mail Integration
You can receive email notification of waiting voice mail messages, including Caller ID, time and date of call, length of message and how many old and new messages are in your mailbox. Your voice mail messages can also be attached to e-mail messages as WAV files; and the sending of e-mails can be scheduled to suit your work day. Voice mail messages can be automatically deleted after e-mailing, or  retained in the voice processing system.
Windows software and USB port

Remote programming and diagnostics
The optional KX-TVA296 internal modem card can be used to provide a connection to a remote PC for programming and diagnostics. An RJ11 jack is provided for connection to a phone line.

LAN programming
The TVA50 and TVA200 have standard "RJ45" network connections, and if they are connected to your network, a PC on the network, with the proper software installed, can make program changes. You no longer have to connect a PC directly to the voice processor.

Enhanced Custom Services

Backup time reduced by 90% from TVS models

LCD Prompts
Control voice mail using a simple LCD menu (available with some phones and systems) without listening to the voice mail for options. Messages can be selected, played and deleted using the visual prompts and the caller's information displayed on screen.

KX-TVA50 and KX-TVA200 can be rack-mounted

Custom Menus for Each Extension
With a KX-TVA system, individual phone users can set up their own custom menu options for callers to follow. Callers can leave a message or have their call forwarded to another extension or even an outside line, for example another office or even a cellular telephone. Each user can set up the options they want to offer their callers.

External Message Delivery
Extension owners can have their messages recorded into voice mail and then have the KX-TVA system call their cellular telephone to have the messages delivered wherever they are.

Multilingual Service
The system can support up to three different languages. English is standard, the user can then record the other two languages. Callers may choose the language of their preference when they call in; or languages can be assigned on a port by port or telephone basis.

Other features:

  • Two-Way Recording
  • Live Call Screening
  • Caller ID Intelligence
  • Remote Access



Comparison of KX-TVA50 and KX-TVA200 Systems

  KX-TVA200 KX-TVA50
Recording Time 1000 hrs 4 - 8 hrs
Number of Ports 4 - 24 2 - 6
Number of Mailboxes 1024 64
Number of Messages (per mailbox) Unlimited Unlimited
Personal Greeting Length (programmable) 1-360 secs 1-360 secs
Message Retention (programmable) 1-30 days or unlimited 1-30 days or unlimited
Extension Numbering (programmable) 2-5 digits 2-5 digits
Pause (programmable) Yes Yes
Message Waiting Lamp (programmable) DPT Integration DTMF or APT/DPT Integration
Maximum Message Length (programmable) 1-60 mins or unlimited 1-60 mins or unlimited
Mailbox Information Report Yes Yes
Call Account Report (Group Calls by Port) Yes Yes
Call Account Report (Group Calls by Mailbox) Yes Yes
Port Usage Report Yes Yes
Mailbox Usage Report Yes Yes
Memory Card Usage Report No Yes
Hard Disk Usage Report Yes No
Fax Call Report Yes Yes
Call Handling Statistics Report Yes Yes
Custom Service Report Yes Yes
Message Status Report Yes Yes
Subscriber Setup Report Yes Yes
Security Status Report Yes Yes
Hourly Statistics Report Yes Yes
Email Report Yes Yes
Rack Mountable Yes Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D) (approximate) 14.5'' x 11.8'' x 3.75'' 12.4" x 9.8 x 2.8"
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  • KX-TVA296, internal modem for remote programming
  • KX-TVA502, 2-port expansion module for KX-TVA50 (DPITS, APITS, in-band)
  • KX-TVA503, 2-port expansion module for KX-TVA50 (DPITS only)
  • KX-TVA524, 4-hour memory expansion module for KX-TVA50
  • KX-TVA594, LAN interface email integration module for KX-TVA50
  • KX-TVA204, 4-port expansion module for KX-TVA200 (DPITS only)

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